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Marketing can be time consuming for anyone, so allow tones™ to take care of it. Marketing services for brands and artists include Social Media Management, Advertising and various promotional platforms. 

We offer services for all of your marketing requirements, including Digital Advertising, Social Media Promotions and a variety of Marketing services to attract an audience to yourself or your  brand.


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Content is so important to artists and brands today, in both projecting an identity, and widening an audience of potential clientele. tones™ Creative can help you with content creation for your social accounts and websites, from Lyric Video creation to promotional material for your latest project.


Social media is proven to have positive results, and so having high quality content is vital in succeeding digitally.

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tones™ Creative

With a wide range of experience across a large variety of mainstream social platforms, tones™ Creative is able to allow you to thrive through specially created content to attract your desired audience and enhance your online visibility. Boost your SEO and online presence with our Content services.


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tones™ Creative

Whether you don’t know where to start, and need designs for logos, colour palette inspiration and more, or you are looking to rebrand your current identity, we can help.



Having a strong identity is key to a successful and memorable brand, and tones™ Creative is here to help.

We offer branding in both individual services, and in packages.


Packages include:

  • Startup Branding Package for artists and brands
  • Rebranding Package for artists and brands

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